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Fleet Services is at Junction 4a/5 on the M3 in Hampshire, it was opened in 1973. 

There is a transience to the service station, grabbing a quick bite to eat, filling up with over priced fuel or popping to the loo, these places always feel as though everyone is in a hurry. I still find them quite exciting places, there is a certain amount of anonymity to the people there. Chance has brought them together pausing on their journeys,  probably never to meet again. Over several months in 2013, I visited Fleet Service at different times of the day, slowly getting to know the routines of those who worked there. I enjoyed sitting with an over priced coffee and people watching. Sometimes I approached the travellers, lorry drivers and many others passing through to take their portraits, most were happy to be part of this project. They often spent time explaining where they were going to or where they had come from. I often felt quite invisible exploring all parts of the services taking photographs with my old Bronica.

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